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Best Cannabis Clones for Sale in California

The use of cannabis, either medicinally or recreationally, has never been more widely accepted than it is today. However, just because there are other options in where to purchase it, it doesn't mean that you will have high levels of customer confidence. When you depend on your dispensary for products, you expect them to get the job done on the first try. Considering how expensive specialty plant products can be, you need to know that you are making the smartest purchase possible. If you are like many customers, you roll the dice each time you walk up to the display case. How would you know that you are getting access to the highest quality of plants for your home use?

Only plants of the Hidden Valley quality will leave you satisfied and perform to your highest expectations. We carry the genetics that have been tried and true from generation to generation.

While other companies remain concerned with sales volume over quality, we still create the best plants for your needs. Schedule your personal use or commercial grower kit delivery and start your favorite home-based treatment today!

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Cloning cannabis plants is not as frightening as science fiction films make it sound. In fact, cloning plants remain used in countless growing operations for numerous different household plants because it allows the grower to have more control over genetics and farming costs.

However, cloning a plant is also among the riskiest growing techniques, and it takes years of experience to get it right. The process requires expert growers to carefully cut off a portion of an existing plant and nurtures its conditions while each plant bonds their roots.

If done correctly, the planted cut portion will begin to grow as if it were a separate plant altogether. Cloning plants allow the grower to have a virtually identical second plant without the hassle of planting cannabis seeds and waiting for them to catch up to the first.

Cannabis cloning also eliminates the risk of growing plants to become Male. Although Males are necessary to the cannabis world, they only grow seeds and force the Female plants into pollination, preventing them from flowering.

When we clone plants, it allows us to create a small army of identical species chosen explicitly for their characteristics and properties. If you would like to begin growing plants at home, contact us now for your kit drop today.


While there could potentially be hundreds of plant species out there, we limit our selection to the ones that we believe provide the highest healing and recreational potential. Unlike other growers, we don’t restrict our best plants to only one form of strain.

Cannabis plants often get classified into one of two general categories, which differ from the amount of psychoactive influence they produce when consumed. We carry several Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains to ensure that you receive a plant that does what you need for it to do.

Typically, Indica strains are ideal for those users seeking a way to stimulate the feeling of relaxation or calm an anxious mind.

Sativa, in contrast, can often strengthen your focus and give you the energy you need to complete the chores you have put off all week.

Hybrid strains, on the other hand, take a few properties from each parent strain to create an all-over total body effect. If specific strains don’t sit well with you, you will likely need to try one our highest quality hybrid plants.

Whichever three core strain types are the right choice for you, we carry them all in stock daily and deliver them to you exactly when you need them. Call or text us to schedule your next drop today at
(619) 736-5270.


The reason why so many smaller facilities produce mixed results is because they don’t properly breed their strains. Quite often you will find some trendy cannabis bar or dispensary claiming to carry the latest popular plants in stock, but it doesn’t seem to work as well as before. This typically happens when inexperienced breeders and growers quickly cross-pollinate two different plants, thinking that it will create a hybrid. However, this only creates a singular bred plant, and true strains require generations of proper growth.

That is why we maintain a stronger base for your clones’ genetic bloodline. We take parent plants that have gotten selected for their THC content, as well as how they promote their healing properties. We guarantee that your delivered plants will continue producing sticky flowers and more potent sessions than with poor quality dispensaries and labs. Our gene pool remains pure for your best cloned plants.

Ordering from our facility ensures nothing but the highest quality for every customer experience. Fresh, abundant, and effective; we are confident that you will not want to choose any other grower again.


There’s no worse sensation than realizing that you are rapidly running out of supplies and knowing that you can’t make it to your local shop. When you make a single purchase at a dispensary, it means paying more and receiving fewer products in the process. If you are searching for a more cost-effective way to treat your health concerns or house guests, we make it simple to start your own “herb garden”. We strictly adhere to and comply with all local laws, regulations, and policies; taking the worry out of cultivating your cannabis.

We provide weekly drops throughout the greater San Diego, Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles, California counties, meaning that your next shipment is closer than you might think. We also schedule both personal use deliveries, as well as commercial growing starter kits to help you keep up with whatever needs that you might have.

Consumer growing kits consist of six quality cloned plants. Commercial growing kits can get delivered Monday through Saturday of every week. Whether you intend to cash in on the ever-growing industry of cannabis sales, or you need easier access to your medical treatment options, we make life simple every week.

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