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Cannabis Clones, Teens & Mother's for Sale in California

Hidden Valley Genetics specializes in cultivating High-Quality Cannabis Clones for growers throughout California

Hidden Valley Genetics is extremely proud to be one of California’s most up-and-coming premium clone developers, and we are more than confident that growers will be excited by our popular strains and emerging genetic lines. Growing cannabis and developing first-rate clones for sale in California is our passion, and we’re consistently refining our clone development processes to meet the ever-changing needs of both small and large growers throughout the state.

Our medical-grade cannabis plants come in high-volume batches, and our clones remain ready to ship directly to your door. The overall patient/user demand for cannabis clones is growing exponentially throughout California, and the Hidden Valley Genetics team is here to answer your questions and be your go-to source for your growing needs. 

What makes the Cannabis Clones from Hidden Valley Genetics different from the rest of the Industry? 

Our team has perfected the art of developing parent plants that provide high-quality cannabis clones over the past several years, and our clones simply are unique as compared to other cannabis clones for sale throughout California. 

The first differentiating factor that sets our clones apart is the sheer size of our clones, which are considerably larger as compared to industry standards. This is a particularly important benefit for cannabis growers because our clones are ready for high-intensity lighting right when they arrive at your door, and they can also immediately be provided with full-strength nutrients. 

When you start out with a larger clone, you’ll end up with a healthier, larger cannabis plant that’s more intricately developed from the roots to the foliage. The clone size that you start out with plays a major factor in just how much energy the plant will receive during your initial growing stages; so the larger the leaf, the faster the plant will conduct the photosynthesis process and grow more efficiently. 

Another huge differentiating factor between our cannabis clones and the vast majority of California’s industry is that our clones already have well-established roots that reduce the overall “lag time” after planting when growers generally wait to see tangible results. 

Most clones have very microscopic root systems as compared to foliage, which leads to the plant working hard during the initial grow stages to regain the necessary balance it needs to develop in healthy manner. So when you utilize our clones that already have an established root system, you’ll be able to see growth much more quickly!

Reach out to Hidden Valley Genetics to learn more about our Clones For Sale in California 

Hidden Valley Genetics is excited to serve the southern, central and northern regions of California with high-quality cannabis clones, and we’re confident that you can be rest assured knowing that our clones will provide your growing initiatives with high-yielding, beautiful plants.

Our team is here to help you decrease your growth times and catalyze the entire process towards more efficient, high-quality flowers. Whether you’re an experienced commercial cannabis producer or a novice grower, we’ll have a kit that coincides with your unique needs.

Contact us online or call us at (619) 736-5270 to get in touch with our team and learn more about our clones for sale that are specifically tailored to your cannabis growth process in California!  

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