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In the United States, the Cannabis plant was heavily stigmatized for decades. However, scientists now better understand its effects and uses, and now it’s possible for you, the customer, to get the product you need on your schedule.

Since the sale of cannabis is a new legal market, you have options. And since you have options, this means you want to pick the best one for your needs. To do so, you need to consider what quality you want, how much you’re willing to spend, and whether there is a dispensary near you where you can get the product. An unfortunate fact is that, because the ability to obtain cannabis is a new market, there aren’t many dispensaries and they are often packed.

So, where can you shop that has high standards, affordable products, and great accessibility? Hidden Valley Clones.

Hidden Valley Clones is a unique clone grower which can meet up with you anywhere in Chula Vista while delivering some of the best product available at reasonable yet affordable prices. We manage to do so by cloning our cannabis, a scientific process which ensures consistent quality.

The cloning of a plant is not like the cloning of an animal. You don’t even need high-tech machinery to get it done, although greenhouses are frequently used. To clone cannabis, an experienced grower identifies a plant with desirable qualities. They then cut off a portion and plant the piece in a new pot under ideal conditions.

Through cloning, the gardener can now control how fast and how much the plant matures and develops. They can also stop the plant from becoming male, which can stop the rest of the cannabis from flowering properly and result in an inferior product.

Cloning helps Hidden Valley Clones save money, and these benefits trickle down to you. Customers can currently choose between three different types of cannabis: Indica Strains, Sativa strains, and hybrids.

An Indica strain can be considered the classic, stereotypical form of cannabis. They produce an intense relaxing, calming feeling and are frequently used to treat anxiety and other disorienting problems. Some of the strains sold by Hidden Valley Clones are: (Blackwater OG, Do Si Do, Fire OG, Gelato #45, GG4, and Romulun).

A Sativa strain is the opposite. They produce an intense feeling of focus or motivation while helping people ignore the irritating thoughts at the back of their minds. Sativa strains aren’t as common as Indica, but we still sell three: (CherryGasm, Durban Poison, and Sour Diesel).

Hybrid strains are the flexible middle ground of cannabis. We produce them by combining an Indica strain with a Sativa one. The result is a great product capable of healing, relaxing, and motivating. We currently sell many different options to Chula Vista, including: (Animal Cookies, Apple Fritter, Blackberry Kush, Cherry Pie, GMAC, Holy Grail, OG Kush, Mimosa, Mendo Breath, and Wifi 43).

Hidden Valley Clones strives to have something for everyone while still being affordable and easy to access. If you live in the Chula Vista region of San Diego, please contact us for your cannabis needs.

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