About Our Team

At Hidden Valley Genetics, our team has spent the past several years perfecting our parent plants and providing you with the highest quality of fresh clones possible every week.  We continue growing high-volume batches of medical-grade cannabis plants that remain ready to ship to your door. When you are compelled to visit your favorite neighborhood dispensary every few days, it only makes your medicinal and recreational costs that much more expensive.

Unfortunately, many patients and users remain intimidated about attempting to grow plants by themselves. Considering all of the variables you must overcome, it’s simple to see why.

However, by delivering cloned plants from hearty strains that flower in as few as seven weeks, you can take better control of your needs, as well as experience guaranteed quality with every session. We carefully select our parent plants, choosing the strands that offer the most amount of benefit and produce more potent offspring.

When the typical dispensary sales experience isn’t enough, or you need to control your monthly medical budget, you’ll find us to be the simple way to save.  Contact our team today to learn how to schedule your kit drop now.


When you start your plant from the seed, you don't know what you’ll wind up with when it blossoms. There is still an excellent chance that it may grow into a male cannabis plant, which doesn’t produce buds, or it will have a different pedigree.

By planting a cloned crop, you can decrease your growth times because the plant is already in the vegetative cycle. Because it isn’t an actual child, it has all of the same genetics as the parent.

By removing more variables from your growth process, it paves the way for faster flowers. Novice growers and commercial producers alike can all benefit from the kits sold by Hidden Valley Genetics.

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