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Many of our consumers are finding value in growing their own cannabis clones; whether it is for medicinal or recreational purposes. Growing your own cannabis clones has become a hobby for many, and purchasing quality plants is the best starting place to end up with an excellent product. Many purchase their plants from dispensaries, but the quality of each plant can be risky, as it is not confirmed to be the best in the industry. Purchasing quality plants is an important starting place, when you consider how expensive speciality plant products can be. We find that many customers find value in making an educated decision on their plant purchases. With us, you are able to have the confidence that your plants are being grown from a reputable source. This will result in the highest quality plant production and allow you peace of mind when it is time to harvest your crop.

At Hidden Valley Genetics, it is our goal to have our plants meet your needs and we are confident that our plants will leave you satisfied. With our top of the line genetics, our plants have been providing multiple generations with high yielders.

Our company prides themselves on providing the highest quality cannabis clones to our customers. Here at Hidden Valley, we want to ensure that our quality is the number one priority. If you are interested in growing, and want to start with the best quality cannabis clones, you will not be disappointed! Contact us for more information, and we are happy to help!


Hidden Valley Genetics is excited to announce that we are finally serving the city of Fresno, CA! It is due to loyal customers and brokers that we have been able to expand our operation, and are appreciative to those of you who continue to do business with us over the years. If you are looking for clones, teens, or genetics in Fresno, CA then we have got you covered!

Here at Hidden Valley Genetics, it is our goal to offer the city of Fresno the highest quality of cannabis clones for both commercial growers and home growers alike.

Our plants range from a variety of sizes that include, Clones, XL Clones, Pre-Teens, Teens, and Large Plants. Additionally, the available types of strains would include Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids.


Here at Hidden Valley Genetics, you will find that our cannabis clones are of the highest quality and consistency with each plant. Our plants are guaranteed to be rooted, female, healthy, and pest free each and every time. Should an issue arise with your plants, then we would like you to contact us and we will make it right with you.

Should you be looking to grow your own plants to help you ease your pain, anxiety, focus or anything else, then give us a call to inquire about our cannabis clones! One of our cannabis specialists can give you a quote by calling or texting us at (559) 593-7493. One of our representatives will assist you and answer any questions that you may have.

CLICK HERE for more information or submit an order request online. We are also available for you to call/text our facility directly at (559) 593-7493.

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