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For the best cannabis clones in the Cathedral City area, you can count on Hidden Valley Clones every time. We pride ourselves on placing an emphasis on quality over quantity and are proud to provide our customers with exceptional growing kits for personal and/or commercial use.


Hidden Valley Clones offers several strains in a variety of flavors. We focus on strains that provide the highest medical and recreational potential for our customers. Whether you are growing your own personal herb garden to entertain family and friends, or your wish is to cash in on the growing popularity of cannabis, you would have a difficult time not finding something to suit your needs.

Our experts have narrowed our plants down to three specific strains – Sativa, Indica, and our own line of hybrid plants. Sativa strains specifically target focus and concentration while Indica strains target anxiety. Hybrid strains combine properties of more than one parent plant for a more specialized effect. 

At Hidden Valley Clones, we offer the following:

Sativa Strains - (CherryGasm, Durban Poison, and Sour Diesel).

Indica Strains - (Blackwater OG, Do Si Do, Fire OG, Gelato #45, GG4, and Romulun).

Hybrid Strains - (Animal Cookies, Apple Fritter, Blackberry Kush, Cherry Pie, GMAC, Holy Grail, OG Kush, Mimosa, Mendo Breath, and Wifi 43).

Benefits of Cannabis

The many medical benefits of cannabis have been known for centuries. The first written record dates to 2737 B.C., when Chines Emperor Shen Neng recorded his use of cannabis tea to treat ailments such as gout, rheumatism, malaria, and poor memory. Throughout history, cannabis has been used to ease minor pain from earaches to major pain from childbirth.

Containing over 60 active ingredients, cannabis can assist the body in reducing stress and anxiety, relieving pain, stimulating appetites in those whose treatments decrease appetite, and minimizing seizures in patients with epilepsy.

Recent scientific studies show that medical marijuana can be used successfully to treat patients with cancer or HIV/AIDS when chemotherapy and other treatments suppress their appetites. By allowing patients to nourish their bodies, cannabis aids in the healing process by helping patients get the nourishment needed to help fight the illness. Studies have also shown cannabis to be effective in treating the effects of mental conditions, such as Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, and Bi-polar Disorder.

Recreational Use

While cannabis remains illegal on a federal level, 33 states have legalized cannabis for medicinal use while 10 states have legalized cannabis for recreational use. Because cannabis is grouped into the same category as drugs such as LSD and heroin, many people still fear the safety of using it recreationally.

Cannabis contains a psychoactive ingredient call THC that temporarily alters your mind and produces a “high” (the temporary feeling of euphoria and relaxation recreational users experience). This period of impairment is short-lived, and most effects begin to subside after 15 minutes or so. As with alcohol, you should not drive, operate machinery, or handle sharp objects while intoxicated. Call Hidden Valley Clones today and check out our quality cannabis clones.

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