Elfin Forest, California


 Now that cannabis has lost a lot of its stigma in California, it’s possible to purchase it in San Diego and many of its neighborhoods and districts, including Elfin Forest. Cannabis, misunderstood for years, actually possesses numerous benefits for individuals, including promoting relaxation, healing, and motivation.

However, just because cannabis clones are available doesn’t mean they are always of the best quality. To truly get the best when it comes to a mix of quality, affordability, and accessibility, you need Hidden Valley Clones. Hidden Valley Clones is a private nursery instead of a dispensary and is able to meet at any location to hand off product to customers. For example, an individual would make an order, pay, arrange a meeting location somewhere in Elfin Forest, and then pick up their cannabis.

Hidden Valley Clone manages to keep its prices low through cloning. Plant cloning occurs when a professional grower removes a section of a healthy plant and then pots it in ideal conditions. The grower then monitors its growth and development to ensure the plant thrives.

Cloning is beneficial because it means we can ensure product has a consistent level of quality, THC levels, and no seeds which can mess up the cannabis. Through cloning, Hidden Valley Clones is currently able to offer Indica, Sativa, and hybrid stains.

First up are the Indica strains, which are some of the most common and popular. These are the traditional form of cannabis which creates an immense feeling of calm or relaxation. Many people use these to help with healing or stress management since the calm is great for sleep. Currently, Hidden Valley Clones has: (Blackwater OG, Do Si Do, Fire OG, Gelato #45, GG4, and Romulun).

The next type is the Sativa strains, which could be considered the opposite of Indica. These work well as a form of motivation since they help users focus. A lot of creative or artistic types use Sativa strains to eliminate stress without making a person sleepy or too relaxed to work. Some of the available varieties include: (CherryGasm, Durban Poison, and Sour Diesel).

​Finally, there are the hybrid varieties. We make hybrids by combining an Indica strain with a Sativa strain. These create a diverse range of effects, so people typically experiment with a few types before settling on one. Using a hybrid can result in a good mix of relaxation and focus without reaching either extreme of the Indica or Sativa, so they are quite popular. Hidden Valley Clones has many different hybrids due to our ability to experiment and grow. Customers can choose from: (Animal Cookies, Apple Fritter, Blackberry Kush, Cherry Pie, GMAC, Holy Grail, OG Kush, Mimosa, Mendo Breath, and Wifi 43).

Hidden Valley Clones spent years developing the best clones in the state of California, strains, and business practices to ensure you get the product you need when you need it without breaking the bank. Please contact us to receive the best clones for your relaxation, motivation, or healing needs.

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